Welcome To Wendover

Sitting right on the border of Utah and Nevada, Wendover has always connected things–like ideas, places, and times. From a humble western railroad encampment to a modern-day oasis and waypoint, it’s always found a way to make its mark on the world. Wendover sits happily in the North American desert plains at 4,291 feet above sea level. Among the mountain hills and sagebrush, you’ll find some of the world’s best people. They work hard, help their neighbors and find some fun along the way.

Visitor Submission

Residents of Wendover captured this incredible footage of a team of wild horses near the city. 

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Discover Wendover

Wendover offers some incredible experiences. Take an early morning hike to see the sights from the top of Pilot Peak. Explore the ancient Bonneville Salt Flats, legendary for the setting and breaking of land speed records. Step back in time inside the historic airfields and the ancient Jukebox and Danger Caves. Become a critic for the afternoon of the nearby art installations–the whimsical, larger-than-life Tree of Life sculpture and mystic Sun Tunnels. Visit our local shops and restaurants for good eats and souvenirs, then end the night with some great concert music and a clear, starry desert sky.

How will you make a connection in this incredible place? Whatever the reason you’ve decided to visit Wendover, we hope we can surprise you with a bit more than you bargained for. Explore Wendover today.

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